19 August 2008

Backpacks for Grace!

Is this the backpack you'd choose? Or would purple be your favorite color? Would you be a tomboy and pick blue? Maybe, just maybe you'd be less like your sister and more like your own self. In that case, maybe you'd want a slingback bag or a tote bag or maybe even a brief case!

We don't know do we for sure, what kind of bag you might choose for your first year of school, for your first day of kindergarten...

What I do know is this? I have to take action. I have to do something because in three weeks, all the kids go back to school and all the 5 year olds are shopping like it's Christmas, buying school clothes, getting school bags, buying pencils, practicing writing their names.

So here's the deal, Grace! I can't buy you a backpack. I can't dress you up for school. I can't let you scream at me that you don't want me to brush your hair and you don't care if it's all tangly and you just want me to let you dress yourself in stripes and colors and patterns that don't match. And I can't walk or drive or follow you to school on the first day and sit in your classroom as you look around taking cues from your older brother and sister on how to act.

But, sweet child, here is what I can do:

I can go to the store and pick out a backpack and fill it with school supplies and take it to a school and drop it off for a child who maybe hasn't had the same chances as we have, who maybe won't get a new backpack even though she is here. What I can do is ask others to do the same. I can ask them to go to the store and get the following supplies:

1 girl's or boy's backpack
A supply box to hold pencils and crayons
1 box 8-large size washable markers
1 pair blunt-end scissors
1 box of tissue
1 box 24 Crayons
2 - #2 pencils
glue stick

You can buy those things and send me an email and I will come to you to pick it up and donate the backpack in Grace's name to a kindergarten class in the Spokane District 81 school system.

Or if you don't have time or live far away, you can send me a check for $25 and I will go shopping to purchase a backpack and school supplies in Grace's name for someone who might need a little extra something to get them started.

And who knows, maybe I can get 5 or 6 bags or a dozen or more and children around Spokane can carry backpacks on their shoulders and I can find Grace in them.


Dr. Joanne Cacciatore said...

What a beautiful way to honor Grace, Sarah...

My Crazy Life X 6 said...

What a wonderful idea...Not to take away from Grace but I think I will do the same for Sierra...Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you this month as our 2 beautiful girls would be starting Kindergarten...I'm sure they are friends in Heaven...


Shannon Sullivan said...

Sarah, You are an amazing women. I am new to your blog and just love you comments and strength.

I have a few items, including backpacks I would like to donate. A couple times in my life I have needed the help from other, humbling myself is not one of my assets, but when it comes to my son, I can do anything.

I live my life by the "Pay it forward" motto!!! (It really works!!)

Please let me know where I can drop off, or meet you.

Thank you so much for compassion and grace!!!

Jessica Spracklen said...

Hi, I came across your blog about the "Backpacks for Grace" when I was online trying to find ways to help a friend who recently miscarried. Though this doesn't relate to what I was looking for, I thought your idea was truly wonderful and I would like to help out in any way that I can. I live in Spokane, WA, so let me know.

God Bless,

Sarah Bain said...

Hi Jessica,

Can you email me and I'll send you my contact information.


Thanks so much everyone for your kind words.